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Prices include installation, unless otherwise stipulated.

Extra traveling & delivery fees will apply for installations further than 30km from Milnerton.

Quotations are based on installations done on a flat, soft soiled area.

Additional costs may apply for special machinery / tools and labour when installing into hard surfaces.

Quotes are valid for 14 days only. 


A scheduled delivery of materials to your premises will take place prior to the installation date.

The specified installation area must be cleared of plants, trees and old structures before the installation date.

The client is responsible to indicate underground pipes, cables, irrigation and plants which could be damaged.

The exact positioning of the structure must be confirmed before we start with the construction.  Additional costs will apply to move the structure after it’s been installed.

Jungle gyms with fully enclosed sides are not completely waterproof. 

We need access to water and an electrical point.  

Installations take place weather permitting and will be rescheduled accordingly.

After installation, we do not remove plants, trees, sand, rocks or unwanted structures from your premises.

Please allow a minimum period of 24 hours after the structure has been installed before use.  This will give the cement time to set and the sealer time to dry.


A 75% deposit is required upfront.

An installation date will be confirmed once we receive proof of payment for the deposit amount.

The outstanding balance is payable when the installation is complete.

We accept EFT and cash payment methods.


All new structures supplied and installed by PlayScape will be to the best of our knowledge, free from manufacturing defects.

Should a component or accessory fail under normal use, due to undetected  manufacturing defects, and within a period of 12 months from the installation date, then PlayScape will at our own discretion and after investigation, either repair or replace such component or accessory.

This warranty does not cover any failure of components or accessories due to misuse, vandalism, pets, modification or extreme weather conditions.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation.


From a safety point of view

  • We only use treated timber and poles.

  • Structures are sanded and then coated with an exterior wood sealer.

  • Only quality hardware and accessories are good enough for us.

  • Fixed structures are concreted into the ground for extra support and stability.

  • There are no protruding hazardous objects.

  • No gaps between the planks on the platform.

  • The standard height of our platforms are 900mm. 1.2m and 1.4m from the ground, unless otherwise requested.

  • We always fit safety rails around our platforms.

Call: 072 900 2007

We cover the greater part of the Western Cape.